My company is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

The big benefit of working with Nspire is that you get the experience of a consultant who has worked across many Sectors, small and Corporate both in the UK and internationally (US, Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland) . This has been gained during both growth and downsizing times, and across the Leadership realm, having worked as part of Executive teams responsible for the success of businesses.  With this knowledge, you gain support that goes wider than HR and People.

With all this experience and keeping up to date with the latest trends and ideas in the market, our approach is one that will ensure that you are able to be agile, and change approaches where required.

How do I know that Nspire People is the right HR & Reward Consultancy for me and my business?

Get in touch.  We'll hopefully match your requirements to our ability to deliver.  Even if you don't know what you need, we're always open to a chat to see if we can help. 

For free.

If we can't help, we're bound to know some very trusted colleagues who can.

We're not ogres, but we may have different approaches and that's fine - that's life.  No hard feelings, but we're pretty sure you'll like what you hear.

Consultant? That sounds expensive

Call us what you like.  We're not overly precious as long as it's polite.  

We're a business partner, your virtual HR & Reward support - we are pretty experienced in what we can do and not just within HR.

Our fees are variable dependent on size, complexity, longevity of contract and industry.  We also undertake pro bono work to help our local community to ensure we give back.

Let's have a chat - we'll be transparent with our pricing and there are no hidden fees.

How do you work?

We listen, we analyse and interpret and we provide solutions that fit your culture.

We're straightforward, we do what we say we'll do and we are able to handle with confidence your requirements.

We tend to work in the following ways:

  • Ad hoc

  • Retained Services

  • Project Based

  • Board Advisory Services

We'll work together to find the best way of supporting your business