• Kelly Anderson

Flexible Working – the future is now.

The largest trial in remote working is currently taking place. C-19 has undoubtably brought the ‘future of work’ to 2020. Aspirations of flexible working for many organisations have been realised, albeit not in a way desired by any worker.

Organisations that have historically resisted remote working due to *insert reason* have had to adapt and enable this. IT and HR teams across the globe have been at the forefront of enabling this business transformation.

We will see a new norm without a doubt as employees reap the benefits of not having to undertake long commutes, travelling overseas for meetings, amongst a number of other benefits. This will have an impact in the medium term on retention.

As we move into this normal, I am finding that the focus is moving slowly away from fire-fighting towards now:

· Organisational Design and workforce planning. Are all offices needed, do we have the right future structures in place?

· How do we ensure that we are fostering a productive and healthy remote team?

· Are the competencies of our leaders what we need – the increased importance of EQ is setting leaders apart from managers. How do we address this?

· What are the nuances in the management of remote working – monitoring, trust, productivity and how to set out the scope of remote working.

In markets where talent is scarce and in high demand, future forward thinking employers who are agile will succeed.

If any of these questions are on your mind, I am able to support in your journey to ensure that your organisation is set up for success.

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