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Chats with a 10 year old

Going it alone takes courage, it opens up many areas and skills required that you may not already have. For me, I didn't really know where to start. Companies House, accountants, web design, bank account and VAT all needed sorting. Mandy Withers and Ben Geoghegan provided so much help, guidance and support through their bootcamp that it really helped me on my way.

I spent way too long thinking of a name but as soon as I finally decided upon Nspire People, I haven't looked back.

My eldest son asked me, why have you called your business Nspire People?

To put it into context, he’s 10 going on 16 and a simple ‘just because’ would not work. 

How to explain to a child the motivation behind a name.

·       There are a lot of independent HR Consultancies around. Which is fantastic as I’ve found so much support from other independents during my early journey. This however, makes picking a name a little tricky. ·       I played with the letters of my name, my boys names, my favourite tree (cherry blossom), I googled words and researched Companies House. ·       To find something that was available on Companies House was one thing, but then to find a domain name to match was another challenge. There were at least four pre-cursors to Nspire People. ·       I vacillated about using my own name; I am Nspire People after all, but with my ultimate vision being to provide employment for others in an awesome environment, I wasn’t sure it was the best idea.

My inability to pick a name was stopping me from progressing actually building anything at all so I ripped up the A3 sheet of paper with the ideas on and went back to basics.

I reviewed emails and recommendations that I had received over the years (I’m a hoarder for sentimental stuff). 

I received an amazing framed Scrabble word gift when I left my last role as HRD from my team, where each team member had picked one word to describe me. I kept coming back to it and thinking, that there has to be something I can use here. To explain why me, in a sea of many talented HR professionals.

I have faults, however one of my strengths is leading a team and providing unique, creative opportunities to push businesses forward. To provide confidence to leaders to navigate people related activities. It’s where I thrive. (Thrive was taken 😊)

Hence Nspire (Inspire was also taken 😊). It started at Nspire HR but as I’ve debated the profession over the last few months, I do believe that HR will start to move towards a People model – we’re seeing it in job titles within corporations and I have a real belief that People and Culture are intertwined. I want to become known for what I’m good at, which is inspiring people, providing contemporary solutions, and it’s all about the people.

My answer to my 10 year old – ‘Mum’s not very good at spelling.’ 😊


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